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Workers’ Compensation for Autoimmune Challenges

 Posted on July 12,2023 in Workers' Compensation

Santa Clara, CA workers compensation attorneyAll too often, the workers’ compensation system is portrayed as a way to secure benefits after suffering an injurious accident on the job. While it is possible to successfully pursue benefits under these circumstances, the workers’ compensation system in California serves workers in more than just this narrow way. Generally speaking, any time an eligible worker sustains physical harm while engaged in employment-related activities, they qualify for benefits. Thai means that if you have an autoimmune condition that has developed, or been aggravated, accelerated, or reactivated by work-related activity, you may be eligible for benefits at this time.

The Challenging News 

The workers’ compensation system is not fault-based. The primary concern of workers’ compensation claims adjusters is whether someone’s harm was caused by their employment. Unfortunately, because autoimmune conditions can develop or be exacerbated for many reasons, it can be challenging to prove that someone’s autoimmune-related harm was caused specifically by their employment. As a result, a strong claim supported by medical evidence is required before benefits related to autoimmune challenges will be approved.

The Hopeful News

Although it is difficult to pursue illness-related benefits claims, obtaining workers’ compensation for autoimmune challenges is not impossible. It is simply important for affected workers to seek legal guidance proactively, to support their claims with strong medical records, and to keep their chins up if the claims process does not progress as smoothly as it otherwise might.

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While it is generally always a good idea to speak with an attorney before pursuing workers’ compensation benefits, some scenarios uniquely benefit from personalized legal guidance. As autoimmune conditions are complex realities that can develop or become aggravated, accelerated, or reactivated by a host of factors, it can be particularly challenging to prove that a worker’s challenges are rooted in their employment. As a result, speaking with the knowledgeable team of Santa Clara County, CA workers’ compensation lawyers at Cramer + Martinez before pursuing autoimmune-related workers’ compensation benefits can better ensure that your claim is as strong as it can be.

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