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According to California law, workers' compensation coverage is mandated for all employers throughout the state, meaning that benefits are available to employees who suffer an injury or contract a disease at work. If you are fortunate, you may never have to make use of these benefits, but if you work in certain high-risk occupations, the chances of a work-related injury are much greater. It is important to understand how the workers' compensation process works in case you are injured.

It also helps to have an experienced attorney on your side, and at Cramer & Martinez, LLP, we offer that experience through more than 20 combined years of practicing workers' compensation law. We are familiar with the types of jobs and injuries that are commonly involved in workers' comp claims, and we can advise and represent you according to the unique aspects of your case.

Which Occupations Are More Likely to Need Workers' Compensation?

Some of the most common causes of work-related injuries, illnesses, and other health conditions include physical exertion, repetitive motion, and environmental hazards. We serve employees in occupations that are most susceptible to these risk factors, including:

  • Construction workers: The physical labor involved in construction work can lead to back, neck, and joint injuries. Unstable ladders and scaffolding, heavy machinery and equipment, electrical hazards, and toxic materials in the work environment are also common risk factors.
  • Health care workers: In addition to the risk of physical injury, patient care workers are often exposed to contagious diseases, including COVID-19, in the course of their work.
  • Firefighters and police officers: While protecting the safety of others, police officers and firefighters often put their own safety at risk. Car accidents, fires, and violence are just some of the injury risks that first responders face.
  • Farm workers: Agricultural occupations also often involve physical labor that can cause muscle and joint injuries. Other hazards include farm equipment, pesticides, livestock, and grain particles in the air that may lead to respiratory health conditions.
  • Truck and delivery drivers: When work requires an employee to be on the road for long hours, the risk of injury in a car accident increases. Truck drivers may also suffer injuries while lifting and loading cargo, or develop back and joint conditions from sitting in place.
  • Office workers: While an office environment may not seem particularly dangerous, work-related injuries are fairly common among office employees. Examples include carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, and eye strain from sitting at a computer desk, as well as slip and fall injuries in the workplace.
  • Union workers: Many of the aforementioned occupations can be unionized, along with many manufacturing and public sector jobs, among others. Union employees often have access to additional benefits after a work-related injury.

Help With the California Workers' Compensation Process

Whatever your occupation, we can help you with each step of the workers' compensation process. This starts with telling your employer of your injury within 30 days and submitting a claim form describing your injuries so that the claims administrator can review your eligibility for benefits. After your claim is accepted, we guide you through decisions related to your medical care and primary treating physician, and the determination of possible temporary and permanent disability benefits as the effects of your injuries become more clear.

If, on the other hand, your initial claim is denied, we can represent you in an appeal to the California Division of Workers' Compensation. This process involves filing a petition, preparing evidence of your condition and its connection to your work, and presenting this evidence in a hearing with a workers' compensation judge, a settlement conference with the claims administrator, and in some cases, a trial. Regardless of the challenges you may face, we will do everything in our power to help you get approval for the benefits you are entitled to.

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