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When employees are injured on the job, it often affects not just their physical health and well-being, but their very livelihood. High medical expenses, missed time at work, and reductions in earning capacity are all common outcomes that can potentially threaten an injury victim's financial security. Thankfully, California law provides protections for injured employees by requiring their employers to provide workers' compensation benefits that offer much-needed financial assistance and access to the care that employees need.

Even with these protections, you may find that you need the help of an attorney to secure the benefits you are entitled to. The process can often be complicated, and a claims administrator may deny your claim or present other obstacles to obtaining the full amount of the benefits you deserve. Whenever you need assistance, the experienced attorneys at Cramer & Martinez, LLP are prepared to be your guide, advocate, and legal representative.

Assistance With All Types of Workers' Comp Benefits

Depending on the severity of your injuries and their short-term and long-term effects, you may be eligible for different kinds of benefits. The most common is coverage for the costs of your medical care, which is available regardless of how serious your injuries may be. We will advise and represent you in interactions with your doctor and the claims administrator to ensure that any treatment you need is authorized and covered by your employer.

We also help you obtain benefits that compensate for your lost wages if you cannot return to work, or if you can only return with limited abilities and reduced pay. This includes temporary disability benefits while you are still in the process of recovering, and in some cases, permanent disability benefits once you have reached maximum medical improvement. We will work to ensure that your disability rating accurately reflects your condition and limitations, and if you are eligible, we will help you secure a Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit to assist with training and placement for a new job. If your injuries are life-threatening, you can rest assured that we will help your spouse, children, and dependents obtain death benefits if necessary.

Help With a Range of Work-Related Injuries and Conditions

Work-related injuries can affect your body in many ways. We can help if you are dealing with any of the following types of injuries:

We are committed to serving employees in all industries and occupations, including those that are high-risk, like police officers, firefighters, health care workers, construction workers, farm workers, and truck drivers.

Appealing Your Denied Workers' Comp Claim

An attorney is often most beneficial if your initial claim for compensation has been denied by your employer's claims administrator. In this case, we will guide and represent you through each stage of the appeal process, which involves working with the California Division of Workers' Compensation and the claims administrator with the goal of reaching a settlement. We will help you gather and present evidence of both your need for medical care and the work-related causes of your condition in order to demonstrate your eligibility for benefits and achieve a fair resolution, whether that can be done through a settlement or you need us to represent you in a trial.

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