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Workers Compensation Eligibility With PTSD

 Posted on April 15,2024 in Workers' Compensation

CA job injury lawyerWorkplace injuries entitle most employees to workers’ compensation benefits to cover the costs of any injuries or other damage they suffered as a result of the injury. While visible, physical injuries are easier to identify, and mental health can also be affected. If it is, the employee might require treatment or be unable to work as a result, just like with any other injury. If you were injured at work and are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, speak with a Morgan Hill, CA workers’ compensation lawyer to understand your rights and seek the coverage you need and deserve.

Who Is Affected by PTSD?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anyone can get PTSD at any age, whether they personally experienced a traumatic event or heard about one that someone else lived through. However, we do not know exactly how many Americans are affected by PTSD for several reasons, including:

  • Many people do not know that they have it. The symptoms are natural responses to a shocking, frightening, or dangerous incident, and they generally fade away as people tend to recover eventually. PTSD is diagnosed when the symptoms persist over time. In other words, there is a healthy, typical response to a situation that only becomes problematic or a disorder if the person experiencing it cannot get past that response. It is hard to determine when you have stopped responding to the situation in a typical manner and have moved over to a disordered response if your symptoms are the same and the only difference is how long they last. 
  • Many people forgo treatment. This can be the result of unfortunate societal taboos around mental health issues, a lack of faith that treatment could truly help, or an unawareness of the treatment options available. Regardless of the cause, it means that mental health service providers do not have an accurate estimate of how many people have PTSD.

PTSD From a Workplace Incident

PTSD awareness has increased in recent decades, and the medical community now recognizes it as a mental health disorder with potentially severe implications, but qualifying for workers’ compensation because of PTSD is still challenging. If there is any chance your PTSD was triggered by a mixture of stressful situations in your life or by typical job stress rather than one distinct traumatic event, your claim can be denied. An experienced lawyer who can advocate on your behalf can make a big difference in your results.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a California Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you are suffering from work-related PTSD, let a skilled Santa Clara County, CA workers’ comp lawyer seek compensation to cover the resulting costs. Call Cramer + Martinez at 408-848-1113 to schedule a free consultation.

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