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What You Need to Know About Workers' Comp for Leg and Knee Injuries

 Posted on March 21,2023 in Workers' Compensation

San Benito County Workers' Comp Lawyers for Knee Injuries

If you have been injured on the job in California, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. There are a variety of different types of workplace injuries that are covered under California workers’ compensation laws, including leg and knee injuries. You may be able to receive medical benefits, temporary or permanent disability benefits, and more. The specifics of your claim can vary depending on the severity of your injury and other factors. By understanding how knee and leg injuries are addressed in workers' comp cases, you can ensure that you will be able to receive the benefits you deserve.

Types of Leg and Knee Injuries Covered by Workers' Compensation

In California, employers must provide workers’ compensation coverage for all employees. Workers’ compensation covers a wide range of leg and knee injuries that occur while on the job. Common types of leg and knee injuries include fractures, sprains, strains, dislocations, torn ligaments or tendons, crushed bones, nerve damage, amputations, burns, and cuts or lacerations.

Injuries can occur in workplace accidents, including falls, equipment malfunctions, and situations where people are struck by falling objects. Leg and knee injuries can also result from repetitive motion activities, such as regularly bending over and lifting items. As long as an injury was work-related, it will be covered by workers' compensation.

Leg and Knee Injury Benefits

If you file a workers’ compensation claim for a leg or knee injury in California, you may be able to receive several different types of benefits. The costs of medical treatment will be fully covered, and they may address emergency care, surgery, medications, and physical rehabilitation. If you are unable to work while recovering from a knee injury, you may receive temporary disability benefits that provide you with a percentage of the income you have lost during this time. If you will be permanently affected by a leg injury, you may receive permanent disability benefits that will be based on the loss of use in the parts of your body that were affected. Supplemental job displacement benefits may also be available to assist with education or training that will allow you to find employment in the future.

What You Should Do After a Leg or Knee Injury at Work

If you have suffered an injury while working, or if you have experienced health issues that were related to the work you have performed, it is important that you report your injury to your employer immediately. You can then begin the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim. It is important to keep detailed records regarding all aspects of your case, including any medical bills related to the injury, as well as any time missed from work. You will also need to follow all instructions from your doctor regarding medical treatment for your injury so that you can get back to work as quickly as possible. 

Contact Our San Benito County Workers' Comp Lawyers for Knee Injuries

Leg and knee injuries are unfortunately common among California workers, but workers' compensation benefits can help ensure that injuries can be treated properly and that your family will not suffer financial difficulties due to a work-related injury. At Cramer + Martinez, we can provide assistance with workers' comp claims related to knee and leg injuries, and we can make sure you receive the full benefits you need. Contact our Santa Clara County work injury attorneys at 408-848-1113 to set up a free consultation.


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