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What Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits Can I Receive for Hearing Loss?

 Posted on October 18,2021 in Workers' Compensation

b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_599358509-min.jpgBeing able to hear correctly is crucial, and hearing loss can have a major impact on a person’s ability to perform work, as well as their daily life. As with other types of injuries, a person who suffers from work-related hearing loss may be able to receive benefits through workers’ compensation. In these situations, a person will need to understand when they will qualify for workers’ comp and the types of benefits they will be able to receive.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in the Workplace

Workers’ compensation benefits are available to those who suffered injuries or illnesses due to accidents in the workplace or because of the work they performed. In many cases, workers may suffer hearing loss because they are regularly exposed to loud noises while working. These issues may affect people who work around heavy equipment and machinery or in other noisy environments, including construction workers, factory workers, warehouse workers, agricultural workers, workers in the oil and gas industry, and those who are exposed to explosions or gunfire

Noise-induced hearing loss often involves damage to the hair cells in the inner ear that process sound vibrations and turn them into signals that are sent to the brain. When these cells are damaged, they will not grow back, and a person’s hearing will be permanently affected. The symptoms of this type of hearing loss may include difficulty hearing high-frequency sounds or understanding speech. A person may also experience pain in their ears or suffer from tinnitus, which involves ringing or whooshing sensations in the ears that make it difficult to hear other sounds.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Hearing Loss

To qualify for workers’ comp, a person will need to demonstrate that their hearing loss was caused by conditions in the workplace or injuries in workplace accidents. This may be done by showing that they were regularly exposed to loud noises while working. However, employers and their insurers may dispute the facts of a case and claim that hearing loss was caused by other factors, such as age, genetic conditions, prior illnesses, or personal activities

If a person can show that their hearing loss is work-related, they may receive multiple types of benefits through workers’ compensation. These may include medical treatment, as well as hearing aids or cochlear implants to correct hearing loss. A person may also receive temporary or permanent disability benefits that address the loss of wages or reduced income earning capacity due to hearing loss. Supplemental job displacement benefits may also help a person pursue education or training to help them find work that they will be able to perform while living with hearing loss.

Contact Our Morgan Hill Workers’ Comp Lawyers for Hearing Loss

To ensure that you will be able to receive benefits for hearing loss that is related to the work you have performed, you can work with a lawyer who has experience addressing these issues. The law firm of Cramer + Martinez provides representation for injured workers, and we can help you demonstrate that your hearing loss is work-related. To schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you receive the benefits you need, contact our Hollister workers’ compensation attorneys at 408-848-1113.


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