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What Types of Occupational Diseases Are Covered by Workers’ Comp?

 Posted on November 24,2021 in Workers' Compensation

gilroy workers compensation lawyerA person who suffers injuries while working will be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. In many cases, an injured worker will file a workers’ comp claim for injuries that occurred in workplace accidents. However, benefits are also available in situations where a person experienced illnesses or health issues that were related to the work they have performed. When addressing occupational diseases, workers can get legal help from an attorney who can help them understand the types of benefits they can receive and address any issues that may affect their ability to receive workers’ comp benefits.

When Is an Illness or Disease Work-Related?

Workers’ compensation is available to address any health issues that arose out of the work a person has performed. Work-related illnesses may occur because of issues such as:

  • Exposure to toxic chemicals - A person may be exposed to harmful substances due to an accident in the workplace. For example, a chemical spill at a factory may release toxic fumes that are inhaled by workers, leading to issues such as lung injuries, skin disorders, or chemical burns. A person may also experience health issues due to regular exposure to low levels of toxic chemicals. For instance, agricultural workers may be exposed to pesticides on a daily basis, and these chemicals may cause illnesses such as respiratory disorders or cancer.

  • Infectious diseases - There are multiple situations where a person may contract an infection while working. People who work in hospitals, medical facilities, or laboratories may be exposed to multiple types of contagions. They may contract diseases that require extensive medical treatment or affect their ability to continue working in their position. These types of exposures are a major concern during the COVID-19 pandemic, and healthcare workers or employees at other types of businesses may be affected by this disease. Workers may be eligible for benefits if they contract Covid following an outbreak at their workplace.

  • Cumulative injuries - Ongoing health issues that occur due to the physical motions performed while working fall under the category of occupational illnesses. If a person can demonstrate that these conditions were related to their work, they will be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Examples of these types of illnesses include degenerative disc disease affecting a person’s spine that was caused by regular bending, stooping, and lifting, as well as repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome that may be caused by typing, working with tools, or other uses of the hands.

Contact Our Santa Clara County Occupational Illness Lawyers

Workers who suffer from work-related illnesses or health conditions deserve to receive benefits that will address their medical care and loss of income. The lawyers of Cramer + Martinez can help these workers file workers’ compensation claims. We can help a person prove that their diseases are related to their work and make sure the benefits they receive will address the effects of an illness correctly. Contact our Hollister occupational disease attorneys at 408-848-1113 to set up a complimentary consultation.


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