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What to Expect During a Workers Compensation Medical Examination

 Posted on December 30,2020 in Workers' Compensation

What to Expect During a Workers Compensation Medical ExaminationIndependent Medical Examinations (IME) are often required for you to attend if you e been injured in a workplace accident. This is a separate examination outside of your examination to your regular treating physician. IMEs are requested by worker compensation insurance providers when there is a disagreement with your treating physician about work-related injuries. This examination is performed by medical professional that will provide their expert opinion on any disputes in your claim.

Before the Exam

Here are some vital tips for preparing for your exam:

  • Know the disputed information. The insurance company will send a report to the IME physician about your report injuries and illness related to the work injury claim. Requesting the letter and reviewing before hand is a good way to ensure you e on the same page with the IME medical professional.
  • Be up to date on your medical history. Make sure that you know your medical history, including surgeries, medications you are taking or any other pre-existing conditions. The IME doctor will inquire about all your medical history. This may help you in your claim disputes.
  • Detail the events of the accident. Review the incident and practice saying what happened before, during, and after the accident. It important for you remember all the details of the event. The IME doctor will be recording any changes in your story and it may be used in your dispute claim.
  • New symptoms. Many injuries you sustain can have continuing symptoms after the accident. Make sure to review your symptoms and pre-existing injuries to make sure you aren having any new symptoms.

What to Expect During the Exam

During the exam, it important to remember the above information as well as the following:

  • Describe your limitations in detail. It essential that you are honest about the limitations you have with any of the injuries sustained during a workplace accident. If there are any activities that you haven tried since your injury, it best to say so. Any falsely reported information can be used by the IME doctor against you in your dispute.

Be highly specific about previous injuries. Make sure to describe in detail any previous injuries to the same part of the body. Explain when and how it happened and any medical care you e received after the injury. You should also describe the healing process and when symptoms for that specific injury stopped. The insurance company will question if your injury or illness is related to your previous injury.

Need Legal Advice After an Independent Medical Exam

If the IME reports do not align with your experience or injury, it important that you report any factual information. It best to obtain legal assistance in these case to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact the trusted workers' compensation attorneys at Cramer + Martinez

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