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What Medical Care Does California Workers' Compensation Cover?

 Posted on August 08,2023 in Workers' Compensation

Hollister Work Injury LawyerOne of the biggest expenses associated with a workplace injury is medical care. It does not help that the cost of healthcare is grossly inflated due to the inner workings of the health insurance market. You may find that a single visit with a specialist, like an orthopedist or physical therapist, can be billed at several hundred dollars or more. If you needed emergency care in the hospital, your ambulance and hospital bills may even be in the tens of thousands. Most people who are injured at work will also need extensive follow-up care even once they are in stable condition and able to go home from the hospital. Others may need home health services or transportation to and from appointments. The good news is that if you were injured while performing work for your employer, it is likely that Workers’ Compensation should be paying these expenses for you. An attorney can help you make sure that you are receiving the benefits you are entitled to. 

What Health Care Services Can be Covered by Workers’ Compensation? 

There is more to health care than paying a doctor’s office or hospital. Many different types of services and products required to keep you healthy can be covered by Workers’ Compensation, including: 

  • Medical transport - If you were not able to drive yourself to the hospital when you were injured, or if you had to be moved from hospital to hospital, or if you require specialized medical transportation to get to further appointments, these expenses can often be covered. 

  • Physical therapy - Physical therapy is recommended as part of the treatment for most serious injuries. If physical or occupational therapy is prescribed, then Workers’ Compensation should be responsible for these bills. 

  • Durable medical equipment - If you require items like a brace, a wheelchair, or a lift device, these costs can be included in your compensation package. 

  • Medications - The cost of some prescription drugs used in the treatment of acute injuries, post-surgical care, and long-term pain management can be very costly. Most medications needed due to your workplace accident should be covered. 

  • Limited holistic healthcare - There are some types of health care generally recognized as helpful that you cannot usually receive in a hospital. Things like acupuncture, chiropractor services, and therapeutic massage may or may not be paid for by Workers’ Compensation. 

After a workplace injury, it is important to see to it that you receive the care you need. The majority if not all of your care may be covered under Workers’ Compensation medical benefits. 

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