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What Are the Most Common Causes of Injuries for Construction Workers?

 Posted on March 28,2023 in Workers' Compensation

Gilroy Construction Work Injury Lawyers

Working in the construction industry comes with its fair share of hazards. Construction workers are exposed to multiple risks every day, and accidents and injuries are not uncommon. Construction sites are known for their hazardous settings, heavy machinery, and dangerous tools, and these factors can put construction workers at a high risk of injury. Fortunately, injured construction workers will usually qualify for workers' compensation benefits.

Common Construction Site Accidents Leading to Injuries

There are numerous issues that can put construction workers in danger of suffering injuries. Workplace accidents and injuries may occur due to:

  • Falls - The most common types of injuries on construction sites involve falls. Construction workers work at various heights, including on scaffolding, ladders, roofs, and elevated platforms. Falls from heights can occur due to defective equipment or failure to use safety measures such as harnesses or nets. Workers who fall from heights may suffer injuries such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, or other forms of serious bodily harm.

  • Electrocutions - Electricity is a vital component on construction sites, but it also poses significant hazards. Workers can suffer electrocution injuries by touching exposed wiring or live electrical parts or coming into contact with the ground or objects that have been electrified by fallen or exposed wires. Electrocution injuries can result in serious burns, shocks, or even death.

  • Falling objects - Construction sites are busy places, and workers use many heavy tools and equipment that can cause serious injuries if they are not handled properly. If an employee is hit by a falling object or flying debris, they may suffer serious injuries, and in some cases, these injuries can prove fatal.

  • Trenching and excavation accidents - Excavation work can be an important part of construction projects. However, people who work in trenches or other types of excavations may be at risk of serious harm if the proper procedures are not followed, leading to collapsed trenches or other dangerous situations. Workers can suffer injuries due to cave-ins, falling materials, or suffocation.

  • Heat stress - Construction work often happens outside, and workers can be exposed to high levels of heat and humidity. Heat stress can cause fatigue, dehydration, heat rash, or heat stroke. Workers who work in restricted spaces or wear protective equipment are at a higher risk of suffering harm due to heat stress.

  • Repetitive stress injuries - Over time, repetitive actions like using a jackhammer, lifting heavy objects, or experiencing vibration from heavy machinery can cause damage to a person's body. This can lead to issues such as chronic pain or arthritis.

Contact Our Gilroy Construction Work Injury Lawyers

In the event of an accident or injury, construction workers may qualify for workers' compensation benefits. These benefits may address medical care, wage replacement, and rehabilitation expenses. At Cramer + Martinez, our Hollister workers' comp attorneys can help injured construction workers apply for benefits or address any issues that may affect their ability to provide for their needs as they recover from their injuries. Contact us at 408-848-1113 to set up a free consultation today.


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