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What are Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits?

 Posted on August 14,2023 in Uncategorized

Hollister Workers Comp LawyersIf you suffered a serious and long-term injury while working, you may feel that you are in a very difficult position. Your injury may prevent you from returning to the job you had before the accident, but not prevent you from working at all. There are challenges that come with this situation. Especially if you went through training to enter your particular occupation, the skills you used at work may be the only occupational skills you know. You may struggle to find a job you can do that pays as well as your last job. For example, if you were a construction worker and lost the use of your legs in an accident, you likely cannot continue to perform any sort of manual labor. This may mean that you need a desk job or another occupation that does not require much physical activity. However, you may not have the education or training needed to step into another career. Supplemental job displacement benefits received through Workers’ Compensation can help you obtain the training you need. 

What Can Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits Pay For? 

Supplemental job displacement benefits are intended to help workers who have been injured return to the workforce in a different capacity. They can be used to pay for the training or schooling you need to obtain a job you can perform that pays about as well as your last job. 

These benefits can be used to cover: 

  • Tuition - If you attend college or another certified career training program, SJD benefits can be used to pay tuition or other fees. 

  • School supplies - You will likely need supplies like textbooks and a laptop computer. Any supplies or equipment you are required by your school to have may also be covered. 

  • Exams & certificates - If the new profession you are entering requires you to pass a test and obtain a certificate, SJD benefits can cover these costs. The cost of a test preparation course can also be paid for with these benefits. 

  • Job placement services - A designated job placement center or occupational counselor can help tremendously as you work towards reentering the workforce. 

Generally, these benefits will cover the first $6,000 of these expenses, although you can apply for additional funds. An attorney can help guide you as you pursue these benefits. 

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