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Risks That Delivery Drivers Should Look Out For

 Posted on May 23,2024 in Workers' Compensation

Blog ImageThere are plenty of reasons why people seek jobs as delivery drivers. They get to earn an honest living while out on the road instead of being stuck inside a stuffy office, dress comfortably, and listen to things they like while getting their job done. However, the job certainly comes with its own set of risks. Delivery drivers are at a higher risk for a variety of accidents and injuries that could result in costly medical care and recovery. If you are a delivery driver, it is important to understand the types of risk you face and how workers’ compensation can help. This article will examine some common causes for delivery driver injuries, but if this is personally relevant to you, an experienced California driver injury attorney can help you navigate the process of getting compensated for your expenses.

Common Causes of Delivery Driver Injuries

There are a large number of things that can cause delivery drivers to get injured at work. Some of the most common include:

  • Muscle strain: Part of a delivery driver’s job generally includes unloading whatever it is they are delivering. If they have been tasked with bringing an envelope to someone, there is no need for special training or equipment. If, on the other hand, they are delivering washing machines, closets, or heavy boxes, there are certain ways they should be lifting the goods and certain things like harnesses and braces that can protect their muscles. Without proper practices and equipment, accidents could happen causing serious injury and pain.
  • Car accidents: Spending so much time on the road increases your chances of being involved in some type of collision, whether or not you are at fault. If the accident hinders your ability to go back to work and do your job, you might be facing significant income loss in addition to expensive medical bills.
  • Dog bites: Delivery drivers are at a particularly higher risk of being bitten, particularly when making deliveries to residential addresses. Depending on the size of the dog and the severity of the bite, you could require stitches, antibiotics, or special medical procedures.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: Some drivers have numerous short drives to do, and then they move a lot while delivering packages. Others are long-haul drivers, crossing long distances that require them to drive for many hours. Sitting in the same position for an extended period can result in neck, shoulder, or pain injury over time.

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