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Proving Your Workplace Slip and Fall was from Hazardous Conditions

 Posted on November 02,2023 in Workers' Compensation

Gilroy workers' compensation lawyerSlip and fall accidents frequently occur in work environments. If you suffered a workplace fall, proving it resulted from unsafe conditions is vital to seek compensation. A California lawyer can help you with different ways to establish the hazardous conditions.

Get All the Evidence That You Can

Take photos of whatever hazardous condition caused the fall, like a wet floor, cluttered hallway, or damaged steps. Get pictures from multiple angles showing the safety issue. Also, take photos of any injuries sustained. As soon as you can, document the scene in writing, too, noting details like poor lighting or lack of warning signs. If you cannot get photos yourself, see if a coworker can for you.

Gather Witness Statements

Talk to coworkers or others who may have seen the fall and ask them to provide written statements. Eyewitness accounts are an important part of your case. Get contact details for each witness so your lawyer can contact them if needed. Statements with signatures and dates are best.

Review Company Records

Request safety records from your employer, like inspection checklists, previous accident reports, or work orders. Check if the hazardous condition was noted before. This evidence demonstrates they had notice of the problem. Research whether any safety policies were violated as well. Look in your employee handbook if you have one and see if they did not follow their terms.

Establish a Timeline

Pinpoint when the hazardous condition arose and how long it existed before your fall. For example, if there was a liquid spill, determine when it likely occurred and document that it was not promptly cleaned. This helps show the employer should have remedied the issue but chose not to or ignored the situation.

Demonstrate Negligence

Proving the hazardous circumstances resulting from employer negligence is vital. This may involve inadequate maintenance, failure to inspect, lack of warning signs, missing stair rail guards, and similar scenarios. Make sure to provide specific ways the company was careless toward safety protocols. An experienced attorney can help prove negligence.

Contact a Gilroy, CA Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Thorough evidence gathering and documentation are essential to prove a workplace slip and fall was caused by unsafe conditions. Working with a Santa Clara County, CA workers’ compensation lawyer is beneficial to take all the right steps to build a strong claim. Call Cramer + Martinez at 408-848-1113 for a free consultation.

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