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Inadequate Training and Employer Liability for Injuries

 Posted on April 23,2024 in Workers' Compensation

CA injury lawyerIf your job requires you to operate heavy machinery and equipment, you need to receive proper training so that you know how to handle it safely. Otherwise, you might end up mishandling it, which could lead to serious injury and material damage. If you were injured in a workplace accident while using equipment that you were never properly trained to handle, your employer might be liable for negligence in inadequately training you for your job. A skilled Hollister, CA workers’ compensation lawyer can review your case and offer valuable guidance on how to proceed.

How Can You Prove Employer Negligence?

In the state of California, employers are legally required to properly train any employees whose jobs entail the completion of high-risk. Whether you need to operate forklifts, chainsaws, hazardous materials, 18-wheeler trucks, or firearms, proper training is crucial for the safety of your work environment. If you are given rushed, insufficient training for the equipment you are required to handle at work, it would be considered negligence.

To prove that this is what happened, you need to keep records of everything. For example, if you have any emails or other forms of communication instructing you to do something even if you were not trained to do so or you lacked sufficient personal protective gear, this could help your case. If you can find other employees willing to come forward and testify, this could help too.

How Can You Prove the Extent of Your Damages?

As with any other type of case, evidence is key. Any medical records, doctor’s referrals or recommendations, medication receipts, and hospital bills could help. If the workplace accident resulted in some other form of damage, records demonstrating this would be helpful as well. In general, try to have at least a copy of every important document relevant to the workplace accident and your workers’ compensation claim.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a California Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If any employer fails to provide sufficient training to its employees, it can pose a risk to everyone there. If the company tried to cut corners, resulting in a serious workplace injury, it should be held responsible and made to pay out compensation to those who were harmed. A qualified San Benito County, CA workers’ compensation attorney can help find strong evidence to build a compelling case. Call Cramer + Martinez at 408-848-1113 to schedule a free consultation.

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