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How Do Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits Work in California?

 Posted on March 14,2024 in Types of Benefits

CA injury lawyerWhen a worker suffers a serious injury with long-lasting effects while on the job, it can be devastating to try to resume a routine once they are in a stable condition and able to work. Employees can receive workers’ compensation benefits that cover the medical expenses, loss of income, and other costs related to their injury until they are medically approved to go back to work. What happens if you can work, generally speaking, but your injury means you can never resume the job you previously had? What if your previous job was something you had to go through specific training for and you do not have the skills needed for other jobs? If this describes you, a Santa Clara County, CA workers’ compensation attorney can walk you through the process of obtaining supplemental job displacement benefits to receive training for a different job.

What Can Be Covered by Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits?

When a worker who was injured doing their job needs to reenter the workforce in a new capacity, the costs of getting new training, finding a new job, and entering a new field can add up. Finding a new job that will still pay you around what you used to earn can also be challenging. Supplemental job displacement (SJD) benefits offer ways to cover the costs of training in a new field, including:

  • School fees: You may receive benefits to cover tuition and other fees associated with enrolling in a college or other certified training program.
  • School supplies: If your school or training program requires you to use a laptop or textbooks, these might be covered.
  • Test prep: If the new job you hope to have requires you to pass a test to obtain a certificate, you might receive benefits to cover your enrollment in a test preparation course as well as the fees associated with the test or certificate.
  • Job placement: Your SJD benefits might include fees for an occupational counselor or job placement service, which can significantly aid with finding a job in a new field that will pay you similarly to your previous earnings.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Morgan Hill, CA Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Facing the long-lasting effects of a workplace injury can be stressful enough without the added pressure of needing to enter a new field. A passionate Santa Clara County, CA workers’ compensation lawyer can advocate for your rights so you can get proper training in a new field and receive benefits to cover the costs involved. At Cramer + Martinez, we have over two decades of combined experience with similar cases, and we are passionate about getting you back to work in a job you want. Call 408-848-1113 to schedule a free consultation.

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