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Federal Spotlight Placed on Warehouse Worker Safety

 Posted on July 20,2023 in Workers' Compensation

Hollister, CA workers' compensation lawyerWhile any worker, regardless of their occupation or the location of their employment, can sustain harm while on the job, it is undeniable that some working conditions are more hazardous than others. Traditional high-risk occupations include construction work, commercial fishing, policing, logging, mining, and work within various transportation industries.

As the nature of the American economy changes, some occupations are becoming increasingly classified as high-risk by industry insiders and regulators alike. For example, as more shopping and supply sourcing occurs online, warehouses and delivery fleets are supplementing – and, in some cases, outright supplanting – brick and mortar retail. The trucking industry and road safety matters are highly regulated. However, regulators are increasingly paying necessary attention to the challenging circumstances under which warehouse workers across the U.S. are operating.

OSHA’s New National Emphasis Program

For the next three years, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will be placing a special emphasis on preventing workplace harm in warehouses, processing facility distribution centers, and retail outlets. Among other potential hazards, the agency’s new emphasis program will combat the risk of heat-related harm and ergonomic hazards.

OSHA Protects Workers and Guides Employers

When it has become increasingly clear that a particular kind of working environment is hazardous, it is important for regulators, safety experts, employees, and employers alike to adjust their approaches accordingly. OSHA’s new emphasis program launch is a great step in the right direction because it shines a spotlight on vulnerable workers and may help to prevent future harm. However, all the informed regulatory attention and guidance in the world will not do much if employers fail to take adequate safety precautions or individuals in a workplace make choices that risk the health of their co-workers.

Connect with a Gilroy Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for Free 

If you work in a warehouse, a distribution processing facility, or a retail establishment, know that OSHA’s latest efforts to minimize your risk of work-related harm are only some of the attention being given to just how hazardous your working conditions can be. If you have already suffered work-related injury due to repetitive trauma or an accident, connect with the skilled team of Santa Clara County, CA workers’ compensation lawyers at Cramer + Martinez today to learn about your options.  

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