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Employees Can Receive Workers’ Compensation for Heat-Related Harm

 Posted on July 18,2023 in Workers' Compensation

Gilroy, CA workers' compensation attorneyWhen you think of the word “injury,” what comes to mind? Most people tend to think of broken bones, internal bleeding, bruising, and trauma. Yet, the concept of injury – at least, as it pertains to workers’ compensation coverage and benefits – extends beyond physical conditions. Work-related injuries that may qualify a worker for benefits can range from repetitive trauma to the aggravation of pre-existing conditions. Even heat-related conditions that manifest symptoms commonly associated with illness are covered as injuries per workers’ compensation law.

When It is Too Hot, Workers Get Hurt

In mid-July, Cal/OSHA issued a press release reminding employers to safeguard their workers from heat-related illness and injury as heat waves grip the state. Cal/OSHA Chief Jeff Killip made it clear that his team is focusing significant efforts on protecting workers and holding employers accountable for failing to take proper heat-related precautions in occupations as varied as warehouse work, construction, and landscaping.

Yet, despite seasonal reminders that the government is watching employers in a variety of industries to make sure that they comply with state regulations concerning heat-related harm prevention, employees all over California often suffer one or more of the following conditions during the hotter months while working outside or in dangerous conditions inside:

  • Heat cramps

  • Heat exhaustion

  • Heat rash

  • Heat syncope

  • Heat stroke

  • Rhabdomyolysis

Some of these challenges cause serious or life-threatening symptoms, while others – like heat syncope, which could cause a worker to faint and hit their head – cause symptoms that could cause secondary harm.

Seeking Compensation

While not every heat-related challenge requires significant medical care and time off of work, some certainly do. If you work in an industry in which you are exposed to the heat, you may be expected to simply deal with it. However, if dangerous heat exposure on the job causes you to suffer injury or heat-related illness that needs to be treated or keeps you from returning to work the next day, know that you may be entitled to significant compensation. Do not let a work culture of employer-defined “toughness” keep you from getting what you deserve.

Speak with a Gilroy Workers’ Compensation Lawyer at No Cost 

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