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California Senate Bill Would Require Certain Contractors to Carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance

 Posted on March 21,2021 in Workers' Compensation

CA job injury lawyerWhile some professions are more dangerous than others, a workplace injury can happen to anyone. Some work injuries are the result of a one-time incident such as a slip and fall or equipment-related accident. Other injuries are caused by months or years of repetitive stress on certain body parts. Whatever the cause, work-related accidents can incur a significant financial burden on injured workers and their families. Workers’ compensation is intended to relieve this financial burden, however, workers’ compensation is not available to all workers. Supporters of Senate Bill 216 say that the legislation is one step toward making workers’ compensation available to a greater number of California workers.

Supporters of SB-216 Say That Many Contractors Lie About Having Employees

California law requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. However, contractors who do not have employees are exempt from this requirement. Of the nearly quarter-million contractors in California, over half report no employees. However, some believe that many of these contractors are lying. The author of SB-216, California State Senator Bill Dodd, has stated that contractors who falsely claim exemption increase the cost of workers’ compensation for others. This gives the contractors an unwarranted financial advantage over other contractors. Moreover, these falsifications leave injured workers without the protection they deserve. The costs associated with ambulance transportation, hospitalization, and ongoing medical needs resulting from a work injury can quickly add up to staggering amounts. When combined with lost wages from missed work, a serious work injury can nearly bankrupt an injured worker.

Legislation Aims to Provide Immediate Coverage to Workers in Construction, HVAC, and Related Fields

The proposed legislation would immediately require contractors in the heating, air conditioning, concrete, and tree service industries to obtain workers’ compensation insurance. The rest of the licensed contractors in California would need to get coverage by 2025. This would ensure that workers who are hurt on the job have access to the financial compensation they need. Contractors who violate the proposed legislation would be subject to license suspension and even misdemeanor criminal charges.

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